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 Cloud {Finished}

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PostSubject: Cloud {Finished}    Thu Aug 05, 2010 10:17 pm

Name: Cloud (Given to him upon joining the Marines)
Alliance: UNSCDF
Species: Human

Personality: Cloud is a very serious person, inside and out. He once was a very goofy, joke around kind of guy but upon joining the Marines, his personality completely changed. He follows orders thoroughly and does not tolerate any disrespect. He himself also shows no disrespect, nor does he ever underestimates anyone, whether it be an unknown opponent or an already fought opponent. Even if it is a newly born grunt, he always fights his best, not holding back...even if it leads to slaughter. Being trained as toughly as he was, he shows little to no emotion at all times. He was trained this way, and showing little to remorse whatsoever. This is why he feels nothing when even killing innocent civilians. He believes everything should be done the way orders are given, and even when he is giving orders he commands what he thinks should happen, even if it goes against his own personal beliefs (once again coming into factor, his no emotion). His trust is the hardest thing to earn, even if he says he trusts someone he never really means it. No one should ever think they can trust him either (though he isn't a traitor and is very loyal), seeing as he ALWAYS has his eyes on his surroundings and everyone around him. Same goes for his respect, though he always gives it to his superiors. Anyone else, they must earn it by fighting him or showing tremendous skill. This often earns his respect without effort if he views you abilities.

Cloud is pretty much equipped with standard armor, though it is heavier seeing as he packs in weights, so even when he is walking he is working out. Though his armor is designed pretty much the same as standards, it is different colors. The suit part is heavy, and black. All the other heavy over-armor small parts are a brown, reddish color. The armor also includes blue decals and stripes, including a crest on the shoulder parts which is a light blue with white outlines of clouds.

Weapons: Energy Sword, Shotgun
Grenades: x3 Flame Grenades, x3 Spike Grenades, x2 Freeze Grenades.

(If you didn't guess, they freeze hit limb or whole body if hit torso, freeze head if hits head)

Rank: ODST

Current Base: Karasu Nesuto (Crow's Nest)

Special Abilities:

Last Resort Palm Beams- Cloud uses the circular indents in his palm's armor to shoot a nuclear beams. He can only use these when he is in a life-or-death situation or as a last resort when out of energy.

Rockets: Cloud has equipped holes (like in his palms) on his armor heels, but these are not used for blasts or offensive damage. The holes shoot out a small, fire-lie substance that are attached to small rockets throughout the hole suit. The flames come out so fast, that it propels Cloud and allows him to fly for up to 3 posts without running out of fuel. He can also turn with them, go up and down.

Bio: Cloud was born as Clark Bound on a stormy January night. Being born in the time he did, the covenant had just began attacking, so he was very confused why he had moved around so much with the other families. He was orphaned by the tender age of five, as both of his parents sacrificed themselves to protect the other families from the invading aliens. Having no one to raise him properly, "Clark" had very poor manners and was very rude. He was often shunned by the other children for this, as he was always picking on someone. Being shunned, "Clark" was always cracking jokes or doing something stupid trying to get attention from his peers. He was never a dumb child, though it was hard for all the children at his age to be properly educated since they were constantly running and in hiding. Seeing as he was hated by everyone else, he also hated them back. The only people he really respected (or liked for that matter) were the marines that always tried to help the small group out. He always, and yes ALWAYS admired them, and dreamt to be one of them some day, hoping that everyone would like and respect him for once. The group had been traveling for a few years now, as the war was far from over, at the age of 15 the group was finally sought out, and slaughtered. The aliens who pulled it off even were able to kill the Marines that were supposed to protect them. The aliens were going to kill him next, but he lay in the pile of decomposing bodies, playing dead until they left. Clark was scared, and now he was truly alone in the world. For months, he lived in hiding, starving himself, only eating maybe once a week. If it wasn't for all the Camel Backs he had found, he would have eventually dehydrated as well. He finally found some balance, as one day he stumbled into a military base--some of the only ones left. They took him in and let him enjoy his youth for one more year, before beginning hardcore training and preparations for defense. He was put through training that some grown men couldn't handle, but always seemed to come out on top. Only the most elite leaders of the marines knew his real name, as they didn't want anything to happen, they nicknamed him Cloud (Clark Bound) Upon completely entering the Marines, he was placed in the ODST Corps, and has been fighting the covenant ever since. With Cloud on their side, the human race is another step closer to winning the war, he has been serving for 12 years, still fighting at the age of 28.

Rp sample: (Non-Battle) http://narugodsrpg.heavenforum.org/swordsmen-f112/hikaru-jinsoku-t330.htm#2036

(Battle-Me as Medusa)

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PostSubject: Re: Cloud {Finished}    Fri Aug 06, 2010 1:30 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Cloud {Finished}    Fri Aug 06, 2010 2:25 pm


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PostSubject: Re: Cloud {Finished}    

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Cloud {Finished}
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