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This is a Custom and Canon Halo rpg, create a character or use one from the game, the number one rules is to HAVE FUN!

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A custom and Canon Halo Rpg
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 Character Creation

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PostSubject: Character Creation   Sun Jan 29, 2012 1:10 pm

Name: Yayop
Alliance: Covenant
Race: Unngoy (Grunt)

Personality: Cowardish, lazy, shy and easily confused in battle.

Appearence: Short, stocky, round head, exoskeleton with wrinkly skin, high-pitched voice, stubby limbs, mottled gray skin, 152 height, 120 kilograms.

Weapons: Plasma pistol

Rank: Deacon

Squad: Whatever squad the brutes put him in

Squad position: infantry, cover fire

Current Base: Covenant Corvette

Special Abilities: Cower

Bio: Drafted into the covenant army from his homeworld Balaho, usualy sent on small missions. Sometimes used if the covenant is being invaded or if a massive invasion is in effect.

Rp sample: As he was being shot at by a UNCS marine squadron, Yayop yelled in fear. His squadron shot down, he was the last survivor. He ran until he got to a cliffside. Deciding the marines won't have mercy on him, he jumps...
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Character Creation
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