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This is a Custom and Canon Halo rpg, create a character or use one from the game, the number one rules is to HAVE FUN!

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A custom and Canon Halo Rpg
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 Ca'Naamu "Shadow" Rut'Itee

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PostSubject: Ca'Naamu "Shadow" Rut'Itee   Wed Aug 10, 2011 8:34 am


Alliance: UNSCDF

Species: Elite

Personality: He is very quiet, secretive, And hates crowds.

Appearence: [img][/img]

Weapons: Dual Needlers, an Energy Sword, and 2 Plasma Grenades

Rank: Spec Ops

Squad: Shadow Walkers

Squad position:Elite Shadow Walker

Team: None

Team posistion: None

Current Base: Crow's Nest

Special Abilities: Able to turn Invisible in the shadows.

Bio: At a very young age Ca'Naamu was very loud, causing trouble for his caretakers, At that young age his father was beaten down by a Spartan, and his mother went missing. He was taken care of by a Brute, who didn't particularly like Elites, What that Brute did gave Ca'Naamu a depression, And he taught himself how to hide. As soon as he could he abandoned the Brute and joined the Covenant, fighting for a long time, then he watched as Brutes replaced Elites, And he joined the USNC, which is now named the USNCDF, That was where Ca'Naamu's true ability came into action, He joined a squad called The Shadow Walkers, He quickly climbed the ranks, Then most of his mouth was blown up by a grenade in The City Beyond, which made him almost mute, He would rarely talk.

To this day, He is quiet.

Rp sample: After the battle, Ca'Naamu got on one of the Pelicans that were picking up troops, before getting on, He looked at the Frigate with amazement and awe, Covenant vehicles everywhere were blowing up as Mac Rounds flew everywhere, Ca'Naamu got on the Pelican and it took off. He heard the voice of a Marine. "Great, A young Marine's driving this hunk of Gas and Metal." He whispered to himself. At the City Beyond, the Marine tried to drop them off correctly.

Ca'Naamu looked down, to see the trapdoor open, they were 20 feet above the ground, Uh Oh. All the passengers began plummeting to the ground, the last thing he heard before falling was a Spartan yelling at the young Marine, Ca'Naamu dissipated the fall with a roll, after a minute he oriented himself, to see that one of his fellow Sangheili Brethren was not as lucky, He looked at the commander, He was barking out orders as if he stopped, He would explode, Ca'Naamu ran into the formation and waited for the enemies to come.

He took the liberty to look at the city from the formation, it was amazing, There were skyscrapers everywhere, It almost looked like it was the Forerunner homeworld. After careful examination he saw a Forerunner ship in the middle.

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Ca'Naamu "Shadow" Rut'Itee
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