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 (ODST) Tim U. Nick UNSC

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Age : 22
Location : Australia, Victoria

PostSubject: (ODST) Tim U. Nick UNSC   Thu Apr 14, 2011 5:50 am

Tim U. Nick

Species: Human


(Orange coloured armor)

Primary: Assualt Rifle
Secondary: SMG, Pistol
2 Frags, 2 Flames

Rank: (ODST) Commander

(Is it okay if I have a squad)
Squad: 1 ODST
Squadmate INFO.
Name: William M. Joe
Rank: (ODST) Sargent
Primary: Dual SMGs
Secondary: Pistol, Knife.

Squad position:N/A

Current Base: LetterArm

Special Abilities: Quick Stamina Heal (Stamina recovers extremly fast)

Personality: Couragous, Outgoing, Strong willed
Nick is very outgoing and strong willed and can survive very crucial and dangurous situations He is also very Couragous by vollentering (back in his marine days) For a coverdant Spec ops mission.

Nick had a very unpleasant past.
When he was 7 years old his own mother and father were killed by 2 elites in front of his own eyes before fleeing. Not knowng they would wipe out his entire family.
When he was 12 he recieved a letter telling him every family member exept him were killed.
He went through alot once nearly stabbing himself over his pain and fear but he says himself that pain and fear become Strength.
He fells if he dies he will let down his entire family thats why he vouged to kill those 2 elites,
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Posts : 11
Join date : 2011-04-14
Age : 22
Location : Australia, Victoria

PostSubject: (ODST) Tim U. Nick UNSC RP EXTRA   Thu Apr 14, 2011 8:46 pm

Nick is at his base relaxing with his Squadmate Joe
"Transmission Dedicted" annouced the transmitter
Nick stod up "Acept" the transmitter vibrated.
"This is Admiral Erik we need imidiate backup at sector 22.62.09 ammidetly Our ship is under heavy fire need assistance" Admiral Erik said
Joe Stod up "S.O.S huh so do we assist?" Joe Asked
Nick pulled his AR off the wall and replied "Lock and load"
Joe grinned and he got his 2 SMGs off the wall.

Nick began uncoding the Sector code "22.62.09" he began whispering
While Joe began getting the Space pelican ready.
After a fuew minutes they were ready.
aboard the pelican flying to the location unaware of the dangers.
It was a gigantic space station near a abandoned planet.

Nick and joe boarded the Space station recieving another transmission
"You made it good get down to the bridge we need.. Oh no they've broken in damn it" said a unknown solier before getting killed by a elite
The elite wandered to the transmitter saying "flee you scum you will die like the rest of your kind" before disabling the transmiter
"We need to get down there" Shouted Nick.

Nick and Joe sprinted off the pelican and onto the space station
Joe looked around the docking bay anaylising any clues of what happened
"Come on we havnt got all day" Said Nick while sprinting to the door
Joe followed and they both walked through the door cautious of attack...
Eventually they reached the bridge many bodies of elites and soldiers scattered
Nick got out his AR from his back.

"Get ready for ambush. Joe" ordered Nick
"Allright" Joe Replied
moments later plasma granades flinged at them but Nick and Joe Succsusfully dodging them before sprinting to cover..
Some grunts came screaming out of the door before being shoot to their death by nicks AR, Nick came out of cover.
"Come out you two I know you are the ones that killed my parents" Nick shouted.

Joe nearly fell over by the surprise
"Smart human" a voice whispered before two golden energy sword elites came out the door
"Joe their mine" Nick declared

"So what are you going to do puny human" one of the elites said
Nick became pissed and responded
"You want to know since I vouged to kill you two I think ill".
"KILL YOU!" Nick began sprinting at one of them and then the elite lunged at him but Nick ducked and said
"Now Joe" Joe quickly threw his knife at Nick
Nick quickly grapping the knife and then charging at the elite...
The kinfe bent back because of the elites shinning armor
"Sh**" Shouted nick befoe being grabbed by the elite
"I will kill you like your family"than joe started shooting the elite with his Dual SMG's.

the Elite roarded and both of them fled before Joe helping Nick up and them both running back to the pelican
"Why did they run" asked Nick before entering the pelican
"they knew about the self destruct sequence" Replied Joe
"you see when you were fighting the elite the other one observed me overiding the self destruct sequence" Joe continued
"Oh" Nick said

before going into to light speed back to base
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(ODST) Tim U. Nick UNSC
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