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This is a Custom and Canon Halo rpg, create a character or use one from the game, the number one rules is to HAVE FUN!

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 Private Caboose

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PostSubject: Private Caboose   Tue Aug 31, 2010 5:04 am

Name: Michael J. Caboose

Alliance: Covenant



Personality: Private Caboose, Is mentally retarded. He is show to be mentally abnormal, His behaviour varies from merely somewhat dim-whitted. His unusual behaviour frequently earns him the scorn and disrespect from his friends. Caboose comes from comes from a very large family.


Weapons: Caboose has an Assuault Rifle, SMG & Magnum & One grenade.

Rank: Michael J. Caboose is a Private.

Squad: The Blue Team Squad

Squad position: Machine (Tank) Operator.

Team: The Blue Team

Team position: Private.

Current Base: Blood Gulch Alpha Post 1

Special Abilities: Super Strength.

Bio: Caboose's parents always had high hopes for him. They really wanted an actor in the family, so they named him after their favorite one: Michael J. Fox. Unfortunately, they never did enough research to find out Michael J. Fox's middle name, so rather than make something up and have it be wrong, they made his middle name the letter J itself. They also got him in the habit of using his full name when introducing himself, in order to sound all impressive. As a child, Caboose was hammered by tragedy after tragedy. Raised in a single-parent home because his mother left when he was very small for wealthier pastures, at a very young age he lost his father to a tragic farming accident, and was raised by his brother Cecil. This led him to a deep depression where he would rock himself to bed at night, and spend his waking hours engaged in meaningful conversations with his neighbour's cat. In his mind, a link was formed between marriage, divorce, parenting and death, from which he made the decision that it would be correct to follow his dad's bitter advice and always have girlfriends, and never get married. Instead he developed a fondness for role playing games, because he could be anybody rather than himself with no father, and he could get away from the pain. Caboose grew to be very protective of his girlfriends, not wanting anything to happen to them or for them to leave him as his mother left his father. It was this very protectiveness that led to the second great tragedy in his life, when he failed to defend his girlfriend from a mugger. He would suffer a head trauma that would cost him parts of his memory, most notably all knowledge of his brother Cecil, and cripple his mental capacity. With nothing left, he joined the military.
His first assignment was to a training outpost. When he first arrives in Blood Gulch, he's enthusiastic, if a bit slow. Still, he tries to do what was best for the team, and does what he's told. He's also ridiculously strong, which comes in handy sometimes.

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Private Caboose
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