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 Demetri 177 EDIT!!!!:COMPLETION

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PostSubject: Demetri 177 EDIT!!!!:COMPLETION   Sat Aug 07, 2010 1:10 pm

Name: Demtri 177

Alliance: UNSCDF

Species: UNSCDF: Human

Personality: One of the fabled Spartan class killing machines, Demetri was trained for combat since mid childhood and makes a note to not show any emotion. He respects the chain of command but isn't afraid to give superiors tactical advice. He has never been beaten on the field of war and knows that his defeat is overdue. This knowledge does little to deter his ruthless tactics of leaving no survivors.


Weapons: Primary- Annabelle
Secondary- UNSC standard issue SMG's
3-frags 3-firebombs 3-Plasma

Rank: Sergeant Major

Squad: N/A

Squad position: N/A

Team: N/A

Team position: N/A

Current Base: crows nest

Special Abilities: Can use his Spartan training to block pain out of his mind.

Bio: While is is known that Demetri was born on the planet Draco III, his date and year of birth has remained classified.
As with the other spartans, Demetri was stolen from his home at a very early age and never told anything about why. After years of brutal training Demetri's mind has become so mechanical and instinct driven that he rarely thinks about his training years. He knows his mission and follows it through even after the death of his squad members.
Upon the end of his spartan training Demetri was put under the command of Jai-006, the leader of Grey team. Demetri was never comfortable working underneath Jai because he thought that his methods were to radical and that he didn't have sufficient respect for the chain of command. Demetri was quickly reassigned to a base on the front-lines known as Crows Nest to work security detail after an altercation between him and Jai-006 that resulted in an entire squad of ODST's being hospitalized.

Rp sample: Demetri was polishing Annabelle when the alarms went off. Polishing Annabelle was the only thing he every showed any emotion in, He would meticulously scrub every inch of the powerful lever action rifle. There was a very large chance that it was the last thing from Draco III left in the universe.
While he got enjoyment out of keeping it clean it was the fact that it was the only thing he had left of his life before he was conscripted into the UNSC. He remembered hunting the interesting native fauna of Draco with his father. The loud Klaxons blaring suddenly to life drew him back from his nostalgic fantasy and instantly Demetri forgot it. The only thing that mattered now was to find a CO and get his orders. "A wall of bullets would be more effective here", the spartan thought to himself. He then slung Annabelle over his back in favor for his SMG's. Running toward Rats nests' control room he spotted a squad of jackals that had two marines pinned down.
"Give me a Sit-Rep now marine!", yelled Demetri over the roar of plasma fire.

"It's not good sir! The covenant dropped out of slip-space in system! Knocked out our sensors too! We're totally unarmed and under manned for this attack, sir!", Stuttered the frightened marine. His cowardice confused the spartan, who had been trained to eliminate all emotion, it just got in the way in his opinion.

"Where is your CO soldier?"
"He and a squad of ODST's fortified the control room!'', the soldier grunted as an overcharged plasma shot sent white hot pieces of shrapnel into his chest. He struggled for a second but then he was gone.

"Damn Covenant! They killed him!", bellowed the marines friend. In a fit of rage the marine leapt out from cover and rushed the Jackals. "He didn't stand a chance", thought Demetri. The spartan would look back and remember that he hadn't even learned the marines names. But now wasn't the time for pleasantries, he had an army of covenant to fight through to reach the control room.
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PostSubject: Re: Demetri 177 EDIT!!!!:COMPLETION   Sat Aug 07, 2010 11:33 pm

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Demetri 177 EDIT!!!!:COMPLETION
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