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 [Finished] Jerg (Covenant Jackal)

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PostSubject: [Finished] Jerg (Covenant Jackal)   Fri Aug 06, 2010 7:16 pm

Name: Jerg
Alliance: Covenant
Species: Jackal

Personality: Jerg is your standard Jackal. She is very bloodthirsty, and this often gets in the way of what her main task is. She hates humans, and wishes to devour their race just so the Covenant can live freely in the world.She hadn't thought like this at first, but she was brainwashed by the covenant like most of her people. At first she wanted to live a care free life, but then became a bloodthirsty hag.


Weapons: Particle Beam Rifle, Needler, x3 Plasma Grenades, x3 Flame Bombs, x3 Needler Grenades

Rank: Sniper

Squad: N/A

Squad position: N/A

Team: N/A

Team posistion: N/A

Current Base: Mothership

Special Abilities: Tall and slender with large, pale eyes, claws, and razor-sharp teeth.

Jerg also has a standard plasma shield.

Bio: Jerg, like all Jackals was born in the world Eayn. She lived her life normally until the Covenant began recruiting. At first she struggled, but she was eventually brainwashed into joining them. She then turned into another bloodthirsty Jackal of the Covenant army. She now engages in the plot to exterminate the human race and rule the world. She continues to fight in every battle that the Covenant in her area takes place in. She is the best Sniper in her section.

Rp sample: [spoiler]Hatsune's heart was racing, sweating heavily like a pig through her ANBU black op mask. She had been tailing the same Missing-Nin for an hour now. Oshikuru Yamada. According to Hatsune's Bingo Book, he was an S-Class ninja that once belonged to The Hidden Tree Leaf Village, but fled after a failed attempt to assassinate the Hokage. It had been eight years since then, and he has returned to Konoha several times without being caught. Well not this time, because Hatsune was on his tail, ready to capture him. Their chase was first in Konoha, but now in the forest. Oshikuru looked back and was surprised to see how close Hatsune was to him. She grinned behind her porcelain animal mask, but gasped when she saw a paper bomb on the branch she was about to land on. There was a loud explosion, and Oshikuru stopped in his place. "Silly black op, thought she could catch me?" He laughed, turning around to look at where the smoke was clearing. Once more, a look of shock swept across his face as he saw a burnt log in Hatsune's place. He quickly spun around to see her, but it was to late for him. Hatsune had already launched an Eight Trigrams: Air Palm, hitting him in the chest, knocking him backwards into a branch. Right before he was going to fall, he grabbed hold of another branch and jumped at her. She sidestepped, as they were now on the same branch. Hatsune panicked as Oshikuru began flashing all sorts of hand seals. He then blew a stream of fire directly at her. She quickly Body Flickered behind the criminal, and activated her Byakugan. She took a stance, and called "Eight Trigrams..." She spun and jabbed him two times and kept going, even when he turned around. "4 Palms!" four more palms, "8 Palms! 16 Palms!" She kept going and shouted "32 Palms!" She spun around one last time and called "64 Palms!" Many usually think she would be done after nailing an Eight Trigrams: 64 Palms, but she wanted more. At the 64th palm, Oshikuru was starting to cough up a lot of blood. "Take this you traitor!" She began. She began palming him at an even faster rate and finally stopped, making the last one send him into the trunk of the tree. She adjusted her mask and said "128 palms." At this point Oshikuru looked a mess. She knew she had injured him quite a bit, but there was no way a S-Rank missing ninja would go down from a B-Ranked Taijutsu. He got up and threw a kunai at her before performing a Body Flicker of his own. He ran at her full speed from behind. She couldn't help but smile behind her porcelain cat mask at is ignorance. He probably anticipated her Heavenly Spin, but would he expect but he wouldn't expect her extra twist. "Eight Trigrams: Heavenly Spin!" She shouted pulling out a bundle of senbon in each hand. With fifty needles in each hand, this would be deadly. She spun at a rapidly high speed, turning into a pink semi-sphere of chakra. She then tossed all the needles when she started spinning. Hatsune could here screams, and even animals wimpering as she finished her attack. Usually the attack left holes in the ground, so it wasn't that big of a surprise the whole tree was about to collapse. Hatsune looked around and saw that Oshikuru already fell of the tree. She kept hearing the injured animals and felt bad, "Well what had to be done had to be done, and now its done." She said with her muffled voice from behind her mask. The tree was falling so she unsheathed her katana and and dove down, trying to pounce on and finish off Oshikuru. Apparently he wasn't down for the count, and lifted his legs up before a paralyzing stab pierced them. He did a classic handspring jump up that you always see on TV. Hatsune could tell he wore him down, and she was plotting out her kill move. She saw him flashing the same hand seals as earlier as the tree finally collapsed. Though he couldn't tell, she had an idea. She quickly did the hand sign and made two Kage Bunshin Shadow clones. She gave them each some flammable wire and commanded them. They ran so rapidly, without her Byakugan activated Hatsune probably wouldn't have seen them completely. They ran in circles around Oshikuru, wrapping more and more wire around him, until one dispersed and the other finished by slipping the last thread into the criminals mouth as his cheeks puffed up, filled with flames. He of course noticed the clones, but he didn't notice the wire until he couldn't move a limb. The string tied to his tooth kind of hurt him, but he didn't make much of it and began is attack without motion. His fire only went about a foot, maybe two, before coming back. His eyes widened first in shock...then in fear as he realized what the clones had done. He felt the heat, as the wire finished igniting and burnt his body to its corpse. She was as awestruck as he ad been, but probably worse now that he was blackened with ash and burn marks all over. She knew her mission was to burn his body on the spot, but how else would she have proof that her, Hatsune Hyuuga had captured and killed one of the most dangerous Missing-Ninja in all of the shinobi lands? She picked up the crispy body and hung it on her shoulder. She could even still feel the heat, as a little smoke was still emitting from the carcass. Even through her ANBU mask, she could smell the wretched smell of evil and death. After feeling how hot is body was, she though about how lucky she was that he didn't get the chance to use the attack. She carried him all the way through Konoha and to the Hokage's office. She burst in and dropped the dead body on his desk and took her mask off to show her grinning face. The Hokage himself was shocked most likely more than anyone would have been. He looked up with his big surprised eyes. She smiled as he called in two more black ops to finish the job. She sat down in a chair to discuss what had happened as her fellow ANBU carried Oshikuru's burnt corpse to the grave yard and finish making some ash...[/img]
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PostSubject: Re: [Finished] Jerg (Covenant Jackal)   Fri Aug 06, 2010 7:34 pm

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[Finished] Jerg (Covenant Jackal)
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