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 Ryan "Shifty" Jones

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PostSubject: Ryan "Shifty" Jones   Fri Aug 06, 2010 10:58 am

Name: Ryan "Shifty" Jones

Personality: Shifty is a battle hardened Marine though he may not appear it, he has fought in many wars and has killed many aliens in his time with the UNSCDF, so he naturally wishes no disrespect from little punks who think they no something about war, he already knows what happens tto the new guys, after a week their laying on the ground with a few spikes in them begging for their mothers and all Shifty can say is I told You so.


Weapons: Sniper Rifle-Primary
AA-12- Secondary,
3-frags 3-spike 3-plasma

Rank: Captain- Pilot


Squad position:N/A


Team posistion:N/A

Current Base:Crows Nest

Special Abilities:


NO one is certain where shifty was born not even him all he can remember is being drafted into the army at a very young age then he was trained.

Shifty was very young and he was drafted into the army he believes he was around six or so, once he was in he began his elite training, he was put through hell, he was forced to crawl under barb wire in a pool filled with blood, he was then forced to shoot alien prisoners and torture them.

By the time he was 12 or so he had been combat trained and hardened he was already an Lt. at 13, he had grown men and women depending on him to order them and lead them through combat, he had to make decisions that could cost people their lives, he was the youngest Lt. in the UNSC.

When he turned 15 he was trained a a pilot and began doing flight missions bombing Covenant camps and bases, he was soon a flying ace learning how to fly covenant ships aswell. He was a true ace, he often had to go undercover and sneek into covenant camps and secretly flew their ships then he would turn on the covenant blowing up their ships and such.

He was then trained as a master hand to hand combat fighter as well as a sniper, he was great he often was sent on behind enemy line missions by himself no backup, he had to kill high value covenant targets.

He was once captured and tortured he wouldnt give up any information, he was almost killed.
Luckily he had his AA-12 with a shortened barrel hidden in his armor, a brute stood their pointing a spiker at him the brute was about 20 feet away, Shifty actuvated the botton hidden in his armor, the AA-12 popped out of his armor, he grabbed and shot the rounds hit the Brute at high speed.

He ran into the jungle, he was their for a week using his training he was soon rescued by a pilot who took him back to base, they were both ranked up to Cpt. and soon lead their own battalion of men and women fighting for the human race.

Rp sample: Shifty was just relaxing back at base, he was just doing some regular practice on the range with his battalion. He was just evaluating them on their accuracy and such.
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PostSubject: Re: Ryan "Shifty" Jones   Fri Aug 06, 2010 7:41 pm

Other than your lame RP sample (which I understand from your iPod xD)

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Ryan "Shifty" Jones
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